Gareth's photography has been developing since childhood, since his first Agfa 110 camera was gifted to him at the age of 8. In later life working as an event manager opened doors to events and festivals where photographing people and events became an enjoyable part of work. This lead him to study photography at degree level both at Hereford College of Arts and at the University of South Wales on the Documentary Photography course. 
A mix of single parent life and a neuropathic pain disability has meant that he has developed several photographic styles, focusing on what is possible depending on his physical health  and family commitments. Documentary and street photography work being his preferred choice but also being the most difficult to create. He has enjoyed a move into creative landscape work, where he looks to create images that visualise his physical limits due to his disability whilst creating inspiring images of the landscape. 
Gareth engages in small amounts of commercial work through his studio - Brockington Studio - and also concentrates on his digital printing. He has concentrated on improving his print quality and now print wide format prints at his studio to a high standard. He has also taught in small groups and  to individuals both camera skill and digital printing. Gareth is always open to work on projects and ideas with other photographers.